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Alfons Mucha, Art Nouveau painter, was born today in 1860.

Alfons Maria Mucha (Alphonse Mucha), né à Ivancice (ville de Moravie qui faisait alors partie de l'Empire d'Autriche, aujourd'hui sise en République tchèque) le 24 juillet 1860 et mort à Prague le 14 juillet 1939, est un peintre tchèque, fer-de-lance du style Art nouveau.
Alfons Maria Mucha (24 July 1860 – 14 July 1939), known in English as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs.
Mucha moved to Paris in 1887, and continued his studies at Académie Julian and Académie Colarossi. In addition to his studies, he worked at producing magazine and advertising illustrations. About Christmas 1894, Mucha happened to go into a print shop where there was a sudden and unexpected need for a new advertising poster for a play featuring Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous actress in Paris, at the Théâtre de la Renaissance on the Boulevard Saint-Martin. Mucha volunteered to produce a lithographed poster within two weeks, and on 1 January 1895, the advertisement for the play Gismonda by Victorien Sardou was posted in the city, where it attracted much attention. Bernhardt was so satisfied with the success of this first poster that she began a six-year contract with Mucha.
Alfons Mucha | Mucha, Autoportrait (BnF Gallica)
Alfons Mucha | Mucha, Autoportrait (BnF Gallica)
Plaque: 6, rue du Val de Grâce
Atelier Mucha
24.7.1860 Ivancice - 14.7.1939 Prague Praha
Le célèbre peintre tchèque représentant du style
Art Nouveau a vécu et travaillé dans cette maison
Znamy Cesky Secesni malir pusobil v tomto dome
1896 - 1903
Atelier Mucha
24.7.1860 Ivancice - 14.7.1939 Prague Praha
The famous Czech Art Nouveau painter used to live and work in this house, 1896-1903.
Plaque: 13, rue de la Grande Chaumière
Le peintre et graveur tchèque Alfons Mucha, 1860-1939, vécut dans cette maison de 1890 à 1893.  Il fut un des fondateurs de l'Art nouveau.
Czech painter and engraver Alfons Mucha, 1860-1939, lived in this house from 1890 to 1893. He was one of the fathers of Art Nouveau.

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